Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Effective Relining - No Longer a Pipe Dream

If you're reading this, chances are that you're looking to fix a troublesome drainage system. Whilst complete pipe replacement may seem like a fantastic option, why not first consider the benefits of pipe relining? Here are five outstanding reasons to choose pipe relining over pipe replacement.

1.  Lower Installation Costs
Pipe relining in Sydney and NSW is easily the more economical option. Pipe replacement can leave you with unnecessary surface disruption and more restoration at your end than actually needed. No digging and destruction means you'll be able to rehabilitate more pipe for your buck and therefore extend your restoration efforts.

2.  Pipe Integrity
If your pipes are being slowly worn away by harsh chemicals like hydrogen sulfide, or are suffering from tuberculation - then pipe relining should be your first choice. Pipe relining provides excellent corrosion resistance and protection from root growth to ensure that your pipes are structurally durable for a sustained period of time.

3.  Go Green
Complete pipe replacement can cause heavy water loss from a drainage system (known as exfiltration). This is a serious environmental hazard, yet can easily be avoided by simply choosing to reline. Pipe relining not only prevents exfiltration, but also eliminates the need to dispose of removed materials, particularly in zones where asbestos cement was used. This makes pipe relining an environmentally friendly option

4.  Flexibility
More and more customers are choosing pipe relining for its flexibility as it leaves sewer segments decoupled from end to end. The materials used in pipe relining also provide an optimal Manning's roughness coefficient (as good as 0.010).

5.  Top-notch Technology
Trenchless technologies are in continuous development and have come a long way since their humble beginnings. The introduction of air and steam curing has led to huge advancements in plumbing, resulting in quicker installation times, and lower costs and energy for everyone involved.

As you can see, there are many benefits of choosing to reline instead of replace. Here at G.F. James Plumbing we offer not just one, but two types of pipe relining technology (Blueline & Redline) to assist in the treatment and repair of your blocked drains. Sydney-located and servicing NSW for over 36 years, we're just a call away so give us a ring on 02 9649 1099 today.

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